Fast Blu-ray Copy, fast copy Blu-ray movie to any Blu-ray discs, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, etc.
Fast Blu-ray Copy, fast copy Blu-ray movie to any DVD discs, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, etc.

blu-ray copy  Fast Blu-ray Copyblu-ray copy
 Fast Blu-ray Copy, easy to copy Blu-ray movies to any Blu-ray or DVD discs.
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How to use Fast Blu-ray Copy to fast copy Blu-ray movie:

    For normal users(Don't want more setting, just one click.):

    Insert a Blu-ray/DVD movie disc, run Fast Blu-ray Copy, the program will auto load the inserted Blu-ray/DVD disc as source and set a Blu-ray Burner Drive as Target, then you just need to press "" to start Copying.

    For Advanced users(Want to custmozie the source, target and copy mode):

    Step1: Drop-down click Source, it will look like below, you can select a Blu-ray/DVD dirve(insert a Blu-ray/DVD movie disc), or a Blu-ray/DVD movie folder, or a Blu-ray/DVD ISO image file as Source.

    Step2: Drop-down click Target, it will look like below, you can select a Blu-ray/DVD burner drive(insert a writable Blu-ray/DVD disc), or a hard drive folder, or an ISO image file as Target.

    Step3: Select a Copy Mode and press "" to start Copying.
    (Please note, BD50 is 50GB, BD25 is 25GB, DVD9 is 8.5GB, DVD5 is 4.7GB, so if you need to copy BD50 movie to BD25/DVD disc, here we provide three copy modes, Full Copy(will compress source Blu-ray movie, will lost some quality), Split Disc(Split one BD50 movie to multiple BD25/DVD discs without lossing any quality), Main Movie(Only Copy Main Movie). )

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